Staff Profile: The Raised-on-Butter Cook

“I’ve learned how to balance my love of butter with healthier fats.” - Tiffany Vickers Davis: Age 38, Assistant Test Kitchen Director, Birmingham, Ala.

Cooking Light Staffer: Tiffany Vickers Davis

Tiffany Vickers Davis: The Raised-on-Butter Cook


Being a senior member of the Cooking Light Test Kitchen has made Tiffany Vickers Davis an expert on healthy cooking but not immune to the lure of a little extra butter. Tiffany’s family emigrated from Germany when she was young. Despite the move, the kitchen remained strictly northern European. “My mother made lots of cream soups and boiled potatoes with butter.” Like anyone else working in a kitchen, she is surrounded by food, including butter and cream. But she has found lots of tools and tips to keep her diet in check while not missing out on the flavor she so loves. Here, she shares what she’s learned.


The richness fat provides, especially in butter and cream, is part of what makes comfort foods so comfy. Working in the kitchen, the very heart of this magazine, I understand moderation and know my way around the olive oil cruet. I just really love butter. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got some good news: You don’t have to cut beloved dairy fats out of your life entirely. You just need creative ways to substitute heart-healthy fats for unhealthy sat fats more frequently.

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