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Where's the Fruit in Fruit Products?

Fruit is so tasty and has such a nutrition halo that it ends up in a lot of processed foods. But those foods may not contain a lot of fruit.

Fruit Products
Photo: Randy Mayor

Where's the Fruit?

Here's the reason why 60 percent of Americans don't eat enough fruit: It's hard to do. Two to three cups of fruit per day, which the Food Pyramid recommends, is simply a challenge.

Complicating matters is the huge selection of foods "made with real fruit." This claim could drive you bananas. Who doesn't prefer real apples in, say, their toaster pastry? Problem is, nutritionally, fruit products are not whole fruit, or even mostly fruit. Some barely pass a piece of fruit on their way to the box. The real-fruit claim requires a look at the nutrition label and the ingredient list, to see what you're actually getting in a piece of, say, strawberry fruit leather.

The slideshow here shows the full fruit spectrum, from fruit-flavored to, well, fruit. The more you eat from later slides, the more fruitful the eating.

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