August 03, 2011


When I go grocery shopping, I look at the ingredients on the label, and as soon as I get into things I can't pronounce, I put the product away. I'm not afraid of ingredients that add a bit of extra fat, as long as the products is healthy—and it's now very obvious to me just how unhealthy low-fat and fat-free products can be.

I'm looking at fats differently and recognizing the good fats versus the bad ones. Basically, I've realized that natural is good and artificial is bad.  I feel like a whole extra section of the grocery store has been opened to me, and I'm enjoying eating new things that I had been staying away from. 

Hummus is my best friend right now. I make it at home and experiment with different ingredients. Roasted garlic and red pepper hummus is my favorite.  I'm also eating a lot more nuts and avocado. My lunch bag looks completely different these days, and I always get comments from my office mates about how healthy and delicious my lunches look.

Since participating in 12HH, the conversation of fats comes up a lot with friends. Hearing healthy friends talk about the amounts and types of fats they eat has given me the confidence to get over my fear of fats. I've learned from other people what fats they eat and which ones they avoid and why. I’ve learned to embrace fats because not only are they delicious but they can be good for you, too. And I feel good! I never thought I could feel this healthy from eating the foods I'm eating now.



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