September 12, 2011


Now, was it cheap? Well, if you look at the total cost of the meal, not really. But the key with weekly budgeting is preparation. You have to meal plan. And that is how you can pull off meals like this and still stay within budget. Because you cannot maintain a budget if all you do is find a recipe each night and then go to the store to buy all the ingredients. Does not work like that. The key is working with what you have, slowly building up a stock of commonly used ingredients, and then committing in advance to meals you want to make in a given week.

In this case, we already had the sun-dried tomatoes because we love sun-dried tomatoes. We use them often, so we keep a stash handy in the pantry. And for the ingredients we did not have, we incorporated some of them into other planned meals for the week. Spread the dollars out over a few meals and the cost of each meal drops quickly.

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