Reader Profile: No Way, No How, No Fish!

“I have a visceral reaction to seafood. Eww!” - Andrea Stillwell: Age: 45, postal clerk, Madison, Wis.

Cooking Light Reader: Andrea Stillwell

Andrea Stillwell: No Way, No How, No Fish!

David Nevala


Andrea’s dislike for fish started at a young age. “I grew up near the ocean and saw what washes up. I didn’t want to eat anything out of there!” Add to that the fact that Andrea’s early culinary exposure to seafood consisted of tuna sandwiches, which she recalls as “stinky”; her mom’s tuna casserole (“the kind with wide egg noodles, peas, and breadcrumbs”); and an occasional salmon loaf. “I have every Cooking Light cookbook since 1996, but I just skip the recipes with fish,” says Andrea, who loves to cook and would welcome a way to overcome her dislike of the ocean’s bounty.


For Andrea (and for other folks who aren’t fond of fish), this Healthy Habits challenge is about setting out on a culinary adventure.

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