Reader Profile: The Busy Young Mom

“I don’t have much time to cook whole grains, and my husband doesn’t love them.” - Sarah Sorensen: Age 30, Tucson, Ariz.

Cooking Light Reader: The Busy Young Mom

Sarah Sorensen: The Busy Young Mom


Sarah’s 2-year-old son, Ben, pulls shoes from her closet rack as she speaks on the phone. Her husband, Tyler, a first-year resident, is away on one of his many long shifts at the hospital. “I try to get as much healthy food in our meals as I can, but mostly I focus on vegetables.” Sarah hasn’t found a whole-grain bread Tyler likes; he often eats at the hospital cafeteria, where (ironically) healthy options aren’t always easy to find. The family loves pizza and Asian food and would like to incorporate whole grains into those. Sarah likes to cook, but nap time is her only window for doing it.


There are some great options for people who don’t love the flavor of whole-grain products, as well as quick alternatives to longer-cooking grains.

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