Eat Breakfast Daily

Month 5 of our 12 Healthy Habits program turns the spotlight on that most important meal. The key to motivation in the morning is to get out of a same-old-foods rut and kick-start the day with new, creative ideas.

Four Ways to Boost Your Breakfasts Efficiently

Healthy Habits Coach Allison Fishman Task tells you how to maximize nutrition with minimal fuss—in the morning or the night before.


Calories Count: People who eat breakfast consume 100 fewer calories each day than people who skip breakfast.

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  • Allison Fishman

    Allison Fishman Task

    Allison Fishman Task, Cooking Light contributing editor and author of You Can Trust a Skinny Cook, Montclair, N.J.

  • With just a minute in the morning: Sprinkle a topping on a healthy, quick base. A 2-tablespoon serving of chopped nuts adds crunch, healthy fats, and about 2 grams of fiber to your bowl of instant unsweetened oatmeal or tub of reduced-fat yogurt. Try dried plums for more fiber.
  • With 5 minutes in the morning: Rinse and drain berries, or slice a banana. Stir in ½ cup sliced strawberries with your cereal, and you'll rack up more than half of your daily vitamin C. A sliced banana, apple, or orange adds about 2 grams of fiber as well as loads of vitamins and nutrients.
  • With 10 minutes in the morning: Build a quick sandwich. Slice your favorite veggies—bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes work well. Then spread creamy hummus on a piece of whole-wheat toast, and top with a handful of spinach and veggies. Great for people who like savory in the a.m.
  • With an hour the night before: Make the ingredients for a grain parfait. A brief time investment makes busy mornings a breeze. Cook, cool, and refrigerate a pot of barley, farro, or quinoa. Each weekday morning, layer your precooked grains with yogurt and fruit for a tasty parfait.

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