Staff Profile: The Disinterested Exerciser

"Cardio is boring, so I just can't make myself do it." - Phillip Rhodes: Age 36, Deputy Editor

Cooking Light Staffer: Phillip Rhodes

Phillip Rhodes: The Disinterested Exerciser


Phillip doesn't have an exercise problem—he has a cardio problem: "I don't like getting on the treadmill. I don't like getting on the elliptical—you just go and go and go and nothing happens. I find it boring, so I don't want to do it. And I have an increased pant size to prove it." He's a dedicated gym-goer, though, three to four times a week, focusing on weights. But Phillip wants to stop the pant-size progression and ideally "take off a few pounds in the middle and sort of move them up to my shoulders and arms." That means cardio.


"Some people can lose themselves in exercise, but Phillip needs focus," explains Murphy. "Exercise can be like picking a spouse or a partner, where you choose the opposite of yourself for the best complement. On the job, Phillip's brain and body basically stay in one spot all day. So when exercising, he needs to move around to keep his brain interested; otherwise the gym feels like an extension of work." A more mixed-up cardio program with some tricks—like intervals—will keep his muscles as intrigued as his brain, will intensify his workouts, and should help to evoke a more calorically intense response from his body.

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