Reader Profile: The Woman Who Fears Fat

“I don’t understand the difference between good and bad fat.” - Yael Drinkle: Age 35, YMCA Program Manager, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Cooking Light Reader: Yael Drinkle

Yael Drinkle: The Woman Who Fears Fat


After Yael had her second child, she started measuring portions and drastically cut her fat intake. She’s only buys “no-fat” or “low-fat” products. “I probably sound like a psycho about fat,” she says, “but it really helped me achieve my goal.” (She lost 35 pounds.) Right now, Yael’s daily fat intake consists of a tablespoon of peanut butter, six almonds, and a little olive oil spritz to sauté foods for dinner. A recent trip to the grocery store with a “superhealthy” friend prompted some questions: “I realized we shopped in two different ways. I looked at the calories and fat information on the label, and all she looked at was the number of ingredients listed.”


Yael’s willpower is commendable, but her fat monitoring may actually be hampering her health: Adequate amounts of healthy fats are an important part of the overall diet, and Yael may not be getting enough. She needs to be able to recognize which foods are good sources of healthy fats (beyond the ones she’s already eating—peanut butter, olive oil, and almonds) so she can incorporate more of those into her food choices.

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