Staff Profile: The Whole-Grain Seeker on a Budget

“I’m confused about what I’m getting—or not getting—when I read the labels.” - Adam Hickman: Age 25, Recipe Tester and Developer, Birmingham, Ala.

Cooking Light Staffer Adam Hickman

Adam Hickman: The Whole-Grain Seeker on a Budget


“I eat raisin bran and feel proud, but I’m not even sure it’s whole-grain,” says Adam. “I need help translating what the marketing people put on packages.” Adam, an avid cook and a young addition to our staff, lives on a tight budget and is used to making a little go a long way. This means plenty of starch and pasta, but not enough whole grain beyond bread and oatmeal. “Whole grains can be expensive, and I want to make sure what I’m buying is genuine, and that I’m eating the right amount of it.”


Yes, raisin bran is a whole-grain choice, but nothing on the box really tells you how much whole grain you’re getting. Label literacy is crucial for anyone who eats grains from any place other than the bulk-food barrel.

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