Staff Profile: The Busy Mom

“I eat breakfast and lunch at my desk, dinner on the fly. I don’t have time to deal with produce.” - Kristi Hart: Age 36, Human Resources Director

Cooking Light Staffer: Kristi Hart

Kristi Hart: The Busy Mom

Photo: Randy Mayor


Kristi’s idea of a fruit break leans to blueberry yogurt (problem: not much fruit). She favors vegetables raw because she lacks time for all that prep, and when she does buy something adventurous, it too often languishes in the fridge. As a working mom with two young children, she’s always rushing. Her own meals are an afterthought: packaged oatmeal and coffee at her desk for breakfast, and Subway or a Lean Pocket for lunch, with an occasional few bags of salad thrown in. This busy mom feels more assaulted than helped by the thousands of food choices in the supermarket.


Kristi’s goal this month should not be to reinvent her entire food lifestyle, just to focus on the add-three-veggies-and-fruits target. This will broaden her shopping and cooking repertoire.

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