Staff Profile: The On-the-Go Eater

“If I feel good, I buy the healthy breakfast; if I feel bad, I get the one that makes me sluggish.” - Samantha Acari: Age 37, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager, Cooking Light, Maplewood, N.J.

Cooking Light Staffer: Samantha Acari

Samantha Acari: The On-the-Go Eater


Samantha is an example of a woman with too many tasks, too little time, and a schedule that skips homemade breakfast. She doesn’t like breakfast foods but is trying to change her ways. To add to her breakfast challenge, she takes a thyroid medication in the morning that requires her to wait two hours before she eats. She also gets her 16-month-old son, Sebastian, ready for day care, and then boards a train from New Jersey to Cooking Light’s New York City offices. Breakfast gets picked up and eaten at the office. “My life is on-the-go and often feels chaotic,” she says. On a good day, she might pick up an English muffin with peanut butter, but she also veers toward scrambled eggs and home fries or the ham-and-cheese croissant.


Samantha is motivated to eat breakfast; she just needs to fine-tune her choices. Her cafeteria offers fruit, oatmeal, low-fat yogurt, and other healthy options, but also loads of tempting high-fat and high-sodium choices. Better, though not easy, to work more homemade foods into her life.

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