Reader Profile: The Saving-My-Calories-for-Later Mom

"I make my kids anything in the morning, because ironically, I know how important it is to eat breakfast." - Dana Bacardi: Age 40, Nonprofit Development Director, Boulder, Colo.

Cooking Light Reader: Dana Bacardi

Dana Bacardi: The Saving-My-Calories-for-Later Mom


Over the years, Dana has seen some pounds creep on: "I remember the big bar on the doctor's scale and the time it went to a certain number. I was sick." So now that she's watching her intake, breakfast has gone on the back burner because it's an easy place to trim the calorie budget. But she's open to the idea: "Bowl and spoon is preferable—so I can eat quickly, throw the bowl in the sink, and head out."


Dana shouldn't deprive herself, especially not as a weight-control tactic. Remember that if you skip breakfast, you may go as many as 17 hours without eating, and this extended fasting can cause your body to increase fat storage and lead to weight gain. Studies show that regular breakfast-eaters tend to weigh less than those who skip the morning meal.

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