Healthy Habits Hero: Allison Fishman

"If you know dinner is going to be successful, that takes away a lot of the stress." - Allison Fishman, Cooking Light contributing editor and author of You Can Trust a Skinny Cook, Montclair, N.J. 

Allison Fishman

Healthy Habits Hero: Allison Fishman

Photo: Virgil Bastos

After more than a year of coaching Cooking Light readers as they took on each of the 12 Healthy Habits challenges, Allison came to appreciate the snowball effect making one healthy change can have. "All the people I worked with quickly realized that by setting reasonable, doable goals, you end up doing more than you had planned."

It may be refreshing, then, to know that someone who is highly skilled in the kitchen believes in going easy on cooking expectations. "One of my favorite things to say is don't cook every single night of the week," she says.

Embracing her own advice, Fishman cooks from scratch Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday. The rest of the week she gets creative—making use of what's in the fridge, having a smorgasbord night, or recruiting someone else to cook. "It's an ideal way to eat homemade food most nights and simultaneously deal with the time crunch so many of us face."


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