Keeping Your Children Safe in the Kitchen

Keeping your little ones safe is a parent’s first priority. Your kitchen is one of the most comforting rooms in the house but it can also present hazards to children. From foods that present choking hazards to unsanitary sponges, we’ll show you how to seek out those hidden dangers to keep your kids safe. By: Toby Amidor, MS, RD 

Because kids have a growing and developing immune system, especially those under 6 years old, extra precautions should be taken to ensure their safety in the kitchen. Parents, pay attention to foods they eat, enforce good hygiene practices, and avoid unsafe habits like keeping those dirty kitchen towels and sponges in reach.

Foods for Kid to Avoid

A handful of foods put young children at risk for illness. These include:




Choking Hazards

Choking hazards are another concern in the kitchen, especially for toddlers. Top foods of concern include:

To prevent choking, cut food into small pieces. For example, grapes and cherry tomatoes can easily be quartered. Try taking the skin off hot dogs and then finely slicing or serve peanut butter with water or milk to help wash it down easier.

Sanitary Tips

Here are a few tips to keep your child safe from dangerous germs.


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