Yoga Flow Workout

Strengthen your body and relax your mind with this flexible yoga routine.

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Side Plank
Jeff Von Hoene

Side Plank

From Stick Pose, roll to one side, stacking feet on top of each other (or position top foot closely behind or in front of lower foot with inside edge against floor). Both legs should be extended with front of thighs facing forward. ­Extend bottom arm in line with shoulder, palm on mat, and reach toward the ceiling with top arm, holding body between palm and outside edge of foot. Open chest by squeezing shoulder blades down and together. Head, torso, and top leg should be in a straight line, and hold. (If this is too difficult, lower inside knee to the mat until you are strong enough to support your entire body weight.) Return to Stick Pose position and hold, then perform Side Plank on opposite side of body, and return to Stick Pose again.

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