Quiz: What’s Your Perfect Workout Partner?

Sticking to your fitness goals can be easier—and more fun—when you have a buddy with you. Take our quick quiz to find out who (or what) will best keep you on track. By Carrie Myers

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1. Local weather forecasters issue a winter storm warning. You…

2. When planning your next vacation, you…

3. You’re at a wedding reception. The music begins. You…

4. Your favorite type of food is…

5. One of your best friends is moving across the country. You…

Get your Results.



Mostly A
Chances are you’re an independent, adventurous, on-the-fly, outdoorsy kind of girl. You probably like competitive events, from 5Ks to adventure runs. Your best workout buddy is your iPod, which will keep you (and anyone who can keep up with you) moving through the great outdoors. Download pace-matching apps like PaceDJ ($2.99) or SynchStep ($4.99) to keep your stride moving evenly. Then get outside, and go.

Mostly B
Well hello, Miss Social Butterfly! Workout hour is your social hour, so a group fitness class is your thing. Sign up for social coupons like Groupon or Living Social to find deals on fitness classes. Send the link to your friends, and prepare to torch some calories together.

Mostly C
“C” stands for “cautious” and “conservative.” You’re a thinker and a planner, are most comfortable one-on-one, and want to do things by the book. You need a shot of motivation to get going and a personal trainer will give you that kick in the pants and guide you through the process.

Mostly D
You’re a techie at heart, so you’ll want to check out smart pedometers like the Fitbit devices ($55.95-$99.95) or Striiv ($99.95). Both count each of your steps, record flights of stairs, and even sync wirelessly with your computer or phone.

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