Quiz: What's Your Perfect Workout Partner?

Sticking to your fitness goals can be easier—and more fun—when you have a buddy with you. Take our quick quiz to find out who (or what) will best keep you on track.

Carrie Myers

1. Local weather forecasters issue a winter storm warning. You…

  • a. Load up your skis and head for the mountain.
  • b. Call your girlfriends to come over for a movie night.
  • c. Check your reserves of batteries and flashlights in case you lose power.
  • d. Track the minute-by-minute progress of the storm on your phone’s weather app.

2. When planning your next vacation, you…

  • a. Close your eyes, spin three times, and point to a spot on the map.
  • b. Book an all-inclusive island get-away with your gal pals.
  • c. Plan a long weekend at a historical spot within driving distance of your home.
  • d. Scout the hottest tech conferences and book a flight.

3. You’re at a wedding reception. The music begins. You…

  • a. Hit the dance floor and ask complete strangers to dance with you.
  • b. Request “The Electric Slide” and get everyone grooving.
  • c. Sit quietly in a corner and watch the action from afar.
  • d. Film partygoers grooving to the music for the video you’ll make for the bride and groom.

4. Your favorite type of food is…

  • a. Things that make other people squirm: squid, octopus, sea urchin, you name it.
  • b. American classics, including burgers and pizza.
  • c. Comfort foods, like mac and cheese.
  • d. Anything you can microwave.

5. One of your best friends is moving across the country. You…

  • a. Sign the two of you up for a skydiving lesson as your last big hurrah together.
  • b. Organize a surprise farewell party with all your closest friends.
  • c. Invite her over for her favorite dinner, just the two of you.
  • d. Create a digital scrapbook with all your fun memories.