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  • Add Power to Your Walk

    Add Power to Your Walk

    Rev up your walking with our 35-minute circuit. You'll not only boost your routine and burn more calories, but you'll sculpt your core, arms, butt, and thighs, without lifting a single weight. What are you waiting for? Start now!

The Better Fitness Walk

The Better Fitness Walk

Learn proper form techniques to make your walks more efficient.

Step up your treadmill routine

Step Up Your Treadmill Routine

Combine speed and hill intervals to vary your indoor workout

Zone in on your walk

Zone in on Your Walk

Heart-rate training can help you track calories burned in each workout

Add Race Walking to Your Routine

Add Race Walking to Your Routine

Burn more calories, boost your pace, and reduce impact with proper technique

Strengthen glutes and thighs

Strengthen Glutes and Thighs

Lunges sculpt, build muscle, and increase the number of calories you burn

Stabilize your core muscles

Stabilize Your Core Muscles

Add standing crunches to your walk to improve posture, strengthen your abs, and improve your workout

Walking with Gin: Work jogging into your workout

Add Jogging to Your Walk

Increase your walking intensity in small, increments to add power, speed, and variety.

Walking with Gin: Get a Leg up on Flexibility

Get a Leg Up on Flexibility

Stretch your hip flexors to lengthen your stride and increase your efficiency.

Stretch it Out

Stretch it Out

Lengthen your stride, quicken your pace, and prevent injuries with a few simple stretches.

Keep it Fresh

Keep it Fresh

20 Ways to Keep Your Walking Routine Exciting

Keep stepping lively

Walking Questions Answered

Our fitness expert answers common questions about walking

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