Energy at 75

As this magazine turns 25, we turn to a 75-year-old who really know how to live the light way.

Carol Olbum

Photo: Jared Castaldi

HEALTHY HABITS HERO: Carol Olbum, Age 75, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carol Olbum’s earliest childhood memories include her mother’s old-world Romanian cooking, big family dinners on Sunday, homemade pastry, and dance classes. She was full of energy but didn’t give much thought to fitness. By 30, though, she was a mother of three. She quit smoking (she’d started at 15), planted an organic garden, and set out on a quest for health and fitness. In 2006, Olbum was diagnosed with lung cancer, 45 years after her last cigarette, and has since made a full recovery.

As she talks about navigating her life over seven decades, you can see a twinkle in her eye. Yes, she exercises (a lot), and yes, she eats healthfully, but she is also happy to tell you how she relishes her almost-daily Scotch. “I love my hooch, and I’m not giving it up!”

Olbum’s love of life, her constant laughter, and her style—elegant and comfortable with a touch of understated lipstick—would make anyone feel blessed to be like her at 75.


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