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Slow-Walking Lunge
David Martinez

Slow-Walking Lunge

Reduce your walking speed to half. Then take a giant step forward (three to four feet) with your right leg, landing softly on your right heel first, then putting the entire foot down. Slowly lower your hips into a lunge position, so your right thigh is close to parallel to the ground and your back heel is lifted. Make sure you’ve stepped far enough that your right knee does not go past your toes. Your body weight should be on the front heel and back toe.

Next, squeeze the buttock muscles of your right leg to rise. Step forward to bring your left leg to meet the right, and repeat. Swing your arms in opposition to each leg (so left arm is in front as your right leg steps forward). Do 10 slow lunges on each leg. Walk for two minutes, then do one more set of 10 slow lunges on each leg.

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