Superfast Meals and Moves

30 minutes is all it takes to keep your resolutions. Try this 10-minute upper-body circuit, then enjoy a 20-minute recipe.

Upper Body--Part 2

Upper Body―Part 2

Minute 3: Sideways Shuffle (cardio)
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Step to the right with right foot, then quickly bring left foot to meet it. Repeat, picking up the pace as you shuffle sideways all the way across the room; return with left foot leading. Continue going back and forth for a full minute.

Minute 4: Broomstick Pull-Ups (toning, pictured)
Place two chairs three or four feet apart, and lay a broomstick across the seats. Sit on the floor between chairs. Bend knees with feet flat on floor, grabbing broomstick firmly with hands shoulder-width apart, as shown (broomstick remains steady throughout move). Lean back to feel a stretch in upper back and shoulders, and a strong contraction in your abdominals, then pull upper body toward broomstick. Hold for a count of three, then slowly lower.

Minute 5: Football Drill (cardio)
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Run in place as fast as you can. Take periodic 10-second breaks to jog, if needed.

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