Get Stronger

In month 6 of our 12 Healthy Habits challenge, the focus turns to building muscle.

10-Minute Ab Workout

Tone your front and side abdominals and obliques with this superfast lower-body routine, then enjoy a 20-minute dinner recipe.

Abs - Part 1
David Martinez

Abs―Part 1

What you'll need: a mat or carpet  

Minute 1: Step-Ups on a Bench (cardio)
Stand facing a bench or step. Quickly step up with your right foot, then your left, then step down with the right foot, followed by the left. Repeat, moving comfortably as fast as you can. After 30 seconds, switch the lead leg.

Minute 2: Half Roll-Ups (toning, pictured)
Lie on back with legs extended, toes pointed. Inhale and raise arms up, fingers pointing toward ceiling. Exhale and press lower back toward floor as you roll head, neck, and shoulders up, reaching fingers toward the ceiling, until you feel a strong contraction in stomach muscles. During the move, tighten your leg muscles to maintain intensity. Slowly return to start, and repeat.

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