Top-Rated Egg Recipes

These high-protein recipes received high marks for versatility and deliciousness.

Huevos Rancheros with Queso Fresco

Randy Mayor

Huevos Rancheros with Queso Fresco

”This is wonderful for a quick weeknight meal," says bellymama. “Our two-year-old was happy eating a quesadilla and fried egg with the beans on the side!” Menu Tip: Mix together a can of pineapple chunks, a jar of orange slices, and 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar. Then sprinkle with sweetened coconut for a quick side for this Mexican-Style Breakfast for Dinner.

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Shrimp and Bacon Deviled Eggs

Becky Luigart-Stayner

Shrimp and Bacon Deviled Eggs

Shrimp and bacon elevate these deviled eggs from familiar to fantastic. In fact, one reader had trouble keeping this tantalizing finger food around around for long after she made them.

"My daughter devoured the extra filling and then wanted to eat all the eggs before our guests arrived," GAT said. "Everyone loved these eggs!"

Party Tip: These can be made up to a day ahead.

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Mediterranean-Style Poached Eggs

Randy Mayor

Mediterranean-Style Poached Eggs

The bold flavors of salty olives, green bell peppers, caramelized onions, and artichokes meld with a delicate poached egg to create a savory one-dish meal. “This was incredibly easy and delicious,” raves ksolag. It’s a “great vegetarian main meal or brunch.”

Menu Tip: Serve over toasted bread, or pair with a simple salad for a quick meal.

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Simple Baked Eggs

Becky Luigart-Stayner

Simple Baked Eggs

The classic egg is a great source of protein for your daily diet. This easy 5-ingredient recipe is elegantly simple, with a presentation that's perfect for a special-occasion brunch.

Lilybelle says she has "been making this type of egg since the early 50's.” Take her advice to mix it up and “sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese on top before baking.”

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Mini Frittatas with Ham and Cheese

Randy Mayor

Mini Frittatas with Ham and Cheese

Baked in mini muffin tins, these bite-sized frittatas make a good appetizer, brunch item, or snack. (They taste good at room temperature, so you can make them ahead.)

“These were great. I had to do a double-take―only 39 calories for three? Yay!" writes Sue Solowczuk. "This is definitely a recipe you can vary.” Reviewers recommend throwing in different ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, or artichokes to mix it up.

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Mushroom and Bell Pepper Omelet with Fontina

Becky Luigart-Stayner

Mushroom and Bell Pepper Omelet with Fontina

The nutty, smooth-melting fontina cheese provides a rich and supple counterpart to fresh produce and aromatic herbs in this dish. “This omelet cooks up so beautifully, and I'm not that skilled at making omelets,” raves teetee. “It's chock full of vegetables and melty cheese.”

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Egg Salad BLTs

Photo by Lee Harrelson

Egg Salad BLTs

Two sandwich favorites come together in harmony. The creamy texture of egg salad meets the crunchy bacon, cool lettuce, and juicy tomato of a classic BLT. On warm, crispy bread, it doesn't get much better than this.

"What few changes make an ordinary sandwich into a champion," says Beads. "Sour cream and a few swipes of the microplane on a lemon make a world of difference."

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Double Vanilla Meringues

Karry Hosford

Double Vanilla Meringues

Whipped egg whites are the key to the fluffy, delicate texture of meringues. Don’t be fooled by the fancy name. These cookies are easy, and require only six ingredients (including one real vanilla bean).

“Perfect meringue recipe,” claims dinka. “They turn out dry and crisp with a very-vanilla taste.”

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Eggs Poached in Curried Tomato Sauce Recipe

Photo: John Autry

Eggs Poached in Curried Tomato Sauce

This egg-and-sauce dish is a far cry from the classic Benedict, yet not completely unrelated. A whole-wheat English muffin is a nice vehicle for the sauce and egg, but so is brown basmati rice, or a whole-grain paratha or other chewy flatbread.

Reader cbenz2295 served the dish with warm naan and a green salad. "My whole family loved this dish and asked that I make it regularly for dinner...It's easy, inexpensive and super fast to make."

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Herbed Ricotta Tart Recipe

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Herbed Ricotta Tart

Perfect any time of day, this Herbed Ricotta Tart gets a headstart by incorporating a refrigerated pizza crust dough. Dill and chives add fresh, fragrant flavor.

"I followed this recipe exactly and it was fabulous," praises sprater1. "Used fresh herbs from my garden. My kids (4 and 6 years old) loved it too!"

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Summer Vegetable Frittata Recipe

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Summer Vegetable Frittata

Fresh seasonal produce makes this Italian omelet shine.

"Healthy, light and delicious," describes kateford, who gave this dish 5 stars. "Substituted yellow squash for the red pepper, due to personal preference. Making again tonight and going to add some leftover ham. Makes great leftovers too!"

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Eggs Benedict Florentine with Creamy Butter Sauce Recipe

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Eggs Benedict Florentine with Creamy Butter Sauce

Our version of this classic dish features scrambled eggs and sautéed spinach atop Canadian bacon slices and English muffins. It is topped with a creamy sauce that's finished with clarified butter, so it is reminiscent of hollandaise.

"I couldn't believe how well this turned out," reviewed KTDETTLE. "By adding a couple Tbsp of lemon juice it tasted even more like a hollandaise sauce. What a calorie saver, I'll make this again and again!"

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Egg and Cheese Breakfast Tacos with Homemade Salsa Recipe

Photo: Randy Mayor

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Tacos with Homemade Salsa

These breakfast tacos prove low-sodium doesn't mean less flavor. Fresh-made salsa tastes more vibrant than bottled, and you control the added sodium. The cheese and sour cream add salty notes to these tacos. Round out your meal with fresh mango slices.

"My husband & I have this all the time for dinner and we use fresh eggs from a local farm," says WadeChartier. "I substitute flour tortillas and I also triple the amount of cumin. This is a casual night dish."

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Sunny-Side-Up Pizza Recipe

Photo: José Picayo

Sunny-Side-Up Pizza

If you love starting your day with eggs sunny-side-up, you'll certainly love this pizza version of the morning favorite. With spinach, red onion, garlic, and Parmesan, it's a new and exciting take on breakfast for dinner.

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Lemon Curd with Berries Recipe

Photo: Johnny Autry

Lemon Curd with Berries

In this custard, citrus juice stands in for milk as the base liquid, thickened by egg yolks. Butter gives the curd a glorious sheen. Garnish with mint leaves for a spot of green color.

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Migas con Salsa Verde Recipe

Photo: John Autry

Migas con Salsa Verde

Enjoy this one-skillet dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With salsa verde, red bell pepper, queso fresco, and jalapeño, it's full of flavors everyone will enjoy.

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Summer Squash, Bacon, and Mozzarella Quiche Recipe

Photo: John Autry

Summer Squash, Bacon, and Mozzarella Quiche

Fill this homemade pie crust with a mixture of summer squash, bacon and creamy mozzarella. It is hard to believe this decadent quiche recipe has less than 300 calories.

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Ham and Swiss Egg Sandwiches Recipe

Photo: John Autry

Ham and Swiss Egg Sandwiches

By using lower-sodium deli ham, a favorite sandwich only gets better in this healthy version.

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Steak Hash with Poached Eggs Recipe

Steak Hash with Poached Eggs

Perfect for using up those extras from last night's dinner, combine poached eggs with leftover steak and little bits of grilled or roasted veggies, don't worry if amounts don't match precisely.

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Egg White and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata Recipe

Photo: John Autry

Egg White and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata

The frittata gets a healthy makeover by only using egg whites instead of the whole egg. Also, you can substitute feta if ricotta salata is unavailable.

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Tortilla Espanola Recipe

Photo: Randy Mayor

Tortilla Española

Unlike a fluffy French omelet, this Spanish classic traditionally includes olive oil and cooked potato with some egg. Shaking the pan helps prevent the omelet from sticking while allowing the egg and potato mixture to cook together.

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