Top-Rated Chili Recipes

Nothing warms the body and soul like a hearty bowl of chili. Reviewers rated these recipes tops.

All American Chili
Randy Mayor

Our Best Chili Recipes

The origins of chili are uncertain, but it's natural to think of it as an American classic. Chili has many regional interpretations, and within each region almost as many recipes as there are cooks. Take chili con carne, a specialty of the Lone Star State: just beef with chiles and onions, maybe some tomatoes, garlic, and definitely seasonings, all cooked until meltingly tender. No self-respecting Texan would consider adding beans. In other regions, chili simply isn't chili unless it has beans. Here we embrace several styles and offer 32 different healthy bowls voted the best by readers.

With more than 50 stellar reviews, this classic chili recipe hits the spot. We love what meredith had to say: “I love chili – and this is the best chili recipe I have ever tried. I will stop trying new recipes and use this one from now on. This is how chili should taste.”

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