Whole-Wheat Flour Recipes

Whole-wheat flour recipes can have all the allure of regular baked goods. We have the breads, scones, muffins, and cookies to prove it.

Whole-Wheat Flour Fig, Date, and Walnut Quick Bread

Photo: Randy Mayor

Baking With Whole-Wheat Flour

When baking with whole-wheat flour, it’s important to not dive into a regular recipe and just replace regular flour with whole wheat. There are definite texture and flavor differences. It’s safe to replace half of all-purpose flour with whole-wheat in most recipes. For recipes that use more than 50% whole-wheat flour, it’s best to use a recipe that’s been developed and tested using the good stuff (fiber-rich whole-wheat flour).

In Fig, Date, and Walnut Quick Bread, equal parts of whole-wheat and all-purpose flour serve as the base, and potassium- and fiber-rich dried figs and dates offer moisture and even more nutritional punch.

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Whole-Wheat Flour Brown Soda Bread

Photo: Jonny Valiant

Brown Soda Bread

Whole-wheat flour, wheat germ, and steel-cut oats (also called Irish oatmeal) make this a super-healthy interpretation of the classic Irish bread. We recommend serving with Ploughman's Lunch Platter or Smoked Salmon with Tangy Horseradish Sauce.

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Whole-Wheat Flour, Oatmeal, and Raisin Muffins

Whole Wheat, Oatmeal, and Raisin Muffins

These muffins don't stop with whole-wheat flour. With four whole grains and three dried fruits, these muffins are a great way to get a variety of antioxidants and fiber. Wheat germ is a good source of vitamin E. Look for untoasted wheat germ in the organic food section of the supermarket. Adding boiling water to the batter and allowing it to sit for 15 minutes before baking allows the hearty oats, wheat germ, and bran to soak up the liquid for a more tender muffin.

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Whole-Wheat Flour Pitas

Photo: Karry Hosford


Pitas are a favorite lunchtime go-to for kids. This time, don't go for the preservative-packed variety. Make your own whole-wheat version and reap the benefits. Whether you fill, dip, or spread, the pita possiblities are endless. A pizza stone yields puffier bread. If you don't have one, use the back of a heavy jelly roll pan to bake these. After it has risen, you can keep the dough refrigerated for three days.

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Whole-Wheat Flour Morning Glory Muffins

Photo: Randy Mayor

Morning Glory Muffins

The whole-wheat flour—not to mention dried fruits, nuts, oatmeal, and wheat bran—contribute plenty of fiber to each Morning Glory Muffin. Substitute apricots or raisins for chopped pitted dates in this recipe if you like. Complete your breakfast with fat-free yogurt and fruit.

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Whole-Wheat Flour Sour Cream Scones

Photo: Randy Mayor

Sour Cream Scones

Whole-wheat flour adds nutty flavor to a basic scone recipe. Split one in half, and fill with your choice of curd.

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Whole-Wheat Flour Deep Dark Chocolate Biscotti

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Deep Dark Chocolate Biscotti

This is a Reader Recipe Desserts Category Finalist that packs in the good stuff with loads of flavor to boot. "Whole-wheat flour, flaxseed, and almonds add fiber and antioxidants." said recipe developer Linda Rogers of Manistee, Michigan.

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Whole Wheat Flour Cinnamon Rolls

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

For those concerned about losing flavor when baking with whole-wheat flour, rest assured. Brown sugar sweetens the filling of this breakfast treat, and powdered sugar dissolves into a milky glaze that's drizzled over the top. Your mind might think you have something to feel guilty about after indulging in one of these.

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Whole Wheat Flour Chapatis

Photo:Randy Mayor

Whole Wheat Chapatis

A whole-wheat flour makeover gives this international recipe a healthful spin. Typical north Indian flatbread, chapati is traditionally made with just two ingredients flour and water. Its plain flavor complements spicy Indian dishes.

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Whole Wheat Flour Buttermilk Pancakes

Photo:Randy Mayor

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

No more dry, dense whole wheat pancakes. In fact, many of our online reviewers have called these fluffy, flavorful pancakes the best they've ever tasted. Keep cooked pancakes warm in a 200º oven while preparing remaining pancakes, then serve them with heated maple syrup.

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Whole Wheat Flour Whole Grain Cornsticks

Photo:Randy Mayor

Whole Grain Cornsticks

The loads of southwestern flavor in this recipe take kindly to whole-wheat flour. You can prepare these in muffin tins, but the cast-iron cornstick pan yields a crisper crust.

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Whole Wheat Flour Mixed-Fruit Cobbler

Photo: Randy Mayor

Mixed-Fruit Cobbler

In this cobbler, whole-wheat flour does double duty. We've used it as the basis of a truly tender "cobbled" topping and as a thickener for the juicy fruit filling.

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Whole Wheat Flour Chocolate-Filled Buns

Photo: Beau Gustafson

Chocolate-Filled Buns

"I remember eating chocolate-filled croissants around the holidays as a child," said reader Christina Erickson. "I decided to create something that has the best of all worlds: easy to make, whole wheat, soft dough, and, most importantly, chocolate. I like to chill the chocolate before shaping the buns so it doesn't melt while I'm working with it."

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Whole Wheat Flour Multigrain Honey Bread

Photo: Karry Hosford

Multigrain Honey Bread

Whole-wheat flour, oats, bran flakes, and wheat germ make this bread dense and full flavored. The recipe makes two loaves, so freeze one to enjoy later. Wrap in plastic wrap then aluminum foil, and store in the freezer for up to 2 months.

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Whole Wheat Flour Seeded Cornmeal Biscuits

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Seeded Cornmeal Biscuits

The whole-wheat flour and cornmeal added to these hearty biscuits contribute to your daily whole-grain intake. Measure the cornmeal as you would flour, lightly spooning into a measuring cup, to prevent a dry, tough biscuit. We achieved the best results baking one sheet of biscuits at a time. Skip the seed topping for a simpler breakfast biscuit.

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Whole Wheat Flour Oatmeal Knots

Photo: Howard L. Puckett

Oatmeal Knots

"I am continually looking for ways to incorporate more omega-3s and whole wheat into my diet," said reader and recipe developer Melissa Hinrichs. "Making yeast breads has always been an important tradition in my family, and I enjoy working with more nutrient-rich ingredients for this part of our meal."

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Whole Wheat Flour Alaska Molasses Cookies

Photo: Howard L. Puckett

Alaska Molasses Cookies

This recipe is a must-have for your repetoire. Don't stress if you can't find whole-wheat pastry flour. Instead, increase the all-purpose flour to 1 3/4 cups and use 1/4 cup whole-wheat flour.

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