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  • Healthy Fall Recipes

    Flavorful Fall Recipes

    When the air is crisp and the leaves start to fall, you'll love these recipes that showcase the season's best flavors.

  • Beef and Pinto Bean Chili Recipes

    101 Healthy Soups

    Soups, stews, gazpachos, and purees—there is bound to be something for everyone on our list.

  • Chocolate Spiderweb Cookies

    Spooky and Sweet Halloween Snacks

    Traditional Halloween treats can be a nutritional scare. Trade them out for one of these lighter snacks, apps, or drinks so both kids and adults can really enjoy this spooky holiday.

  • Healthy Fall Produce

    Fall Produce Guide

    When the air turns cool and the trees blaze with color, it's time to fill up your basket and taste the autumn harvest.

  • Rustic Apple Tart

    Delectable Apple Desserts

    Apples are autumn’s sweet treat for us to enjoy. Green or red are both delicious in pies, tarts, crisps, or cobblers. These apple dessert recipes are simply delectable.

  • Pumpkin Pie Shake recipe

    Cooking with Pumpkin

    Taste autumn with these delicious pumpkin recipes. This seasonal squash is great in both savory and sweet dishes.



Grilled Stuffed Jalapeños [Make Ahead]
Spinach-and-Artichoke Dip [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]


Fresh Pear Cocktail [Quick and Easy]


Banana Bread with Chocolate Glaze [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]
Brioche Rolls [Kid Friendly] [Freezable] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]
Mint and Pea Pesto on Toasted Baguette [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]
Whole-Wheat, Buttermilk, and Orange Pancakes [Kid Friendly] [Vegetarian]


Browned Butter-Pecan Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Candy Corn and M&M's Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Cherry-Chip Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Chocolate-Butterscotch Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Chocolate-Dipped Cannoli with Pistachios [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]
Double-Chocolate Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Espresso-Toffee Chewy Crispy Bars [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Fresh Lemonade Cake [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]
Lemon-White Chocolate Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Maple-Bacon Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]
Mocha Cake with Fluffy Meringue Topping [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]
Ohio Buckeyes [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]
S'mores Chewy Crispy Bars [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Sugar Pumpkin Custards with Graham Crumble [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]


Smoked Salmon and Wheat Berry Salad [Make Ahead]



Beef Daube Provençal [Kid Friendly] [Freezable] [Make Ahead]
Brazilian Feijoada [Kid Friendly] [Freezable] [Make Ahead]
Herb-Rubbed New York Strip with Sautéed Peas and Carrots [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]
Steak Pizzaiola on Ciabatta [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]

Fish & Shellfish

Crispy Fish Nuggets with Tartar Sauce [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]
Crispy Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]
Cumin-Crusted Sablefish [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]
Grilled Tuna and Broccolini with Garlic Drizzle [Quick and Easy]


Brazilian Feijoada [Kid Friendly] [Freezable] [Make Ahead]
Quick and Easy Pork Fried Rice [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]
Quick Quinoa Meatballs [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]


Bistro Roast Chicken [Kid Friendly]
Chicken Enchiladas [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]
Chicken Parmesan with Oven-Roasted Tomato Sauce [Kid Friendly]
Green Curry Fritters [Quick and Easy]
Roasted Chicken Thighs with Preserved Lemon
Roasted Chicken with Mustard Greens [Quick and Easy]
Saucy Chicken Marsala
Turkey Piccata [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]


Herbed Cheese Pizzas [Kid Friendly] [Vegetarian]
Lentil Salad with Soft-Cooked Eggs [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Pasta with Eggplant, Pine Nuts, and Romano [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Shakshuka [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Sweet Potato and Chickpea Cakes with Avocado Salsa [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]


Pasta with Eggplant, Pine Nuts, and Romano [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Pasta with Roasted-Tomato Meat Sauce [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy]


Arugula Bread Salad [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Arugula Salad with Caesar Vinaigrette [Quick and Easy]
Arugula Salad with Melon and Prosciutto [Quick and Easy]
Bitter Greens Salad with Spiced Mirin Dressing [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Chickpea, Red Pepper, and Arugula Salad [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Jicama-Pomegranate Salad [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Lentil Salad with Soft-Cooked Eggs [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Smoked Salmon and Wheat Berry Salad [Make Ahead]


Pulled Chicken Sandwiches [Kid Friendly]


Catalonian Pepper and Nut Sauce (Salsa Romesco) [Kid Friendly] [Freezable] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]


Bell Pepper and Corn Sauté [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Butternut Squash au Gratin with Wild Mushrooms and Crispy Bacon
Cumin and Chile Rice [Quick and Easy]
Mashed Potato Casserole [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]
Quick Parsley-Spinach Salad [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Browned Butter [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Roasted Potato Wedges [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Roasted Red Onions and Delicata Squash [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Sautéed Lemony Broccolini [Kid Friendly] [Quick and Easy] [Vegetarian]
Slow-Roasted Grape Tomatoes [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead] [Vegetarian]
Spaghetti Squash Fritters with Sriracha Mayonnaise [Vegetarian]


Chicken and Dumplings [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead]
Chicken, Kale, and Quinoa Soup [Kid Friendly] [Make Ahead] [Freezable]
Green Vegetable Soup with Lemon-Basil Pesto [Quick and Easy] [Make Ahead]
Pork Posole [Make Ahead] [Freezable]

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