25 Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes

No more boring bird! We've pulled together more than two dozen ways to bring new life to a weeknight staple.

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Chicken Breasts 25 Ways

A lean, skinless chicken breast half contains 182 calories and 4 grams fat (only 1.1 grams sat fat) making it a great source of protein in a convenient package. From marinating and pounding to stuffing, pan-frying, and grinding, these 5 simple techniques, with variations, give healthy weeknight cooking a makeover.

Tandoori-Spiced Chicken Recipe

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Marinating: Tandoori-Spiced Chicken

Chicken breasts are naturally tender, so marinating simply adds flavor. It's best to choose bold ingredients and avoid soaking the delicate meat in acidic liquids for too long—it may become stringy and tough.

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If you like chile paste try: Thai Coconut Chicken
If you like hot sauce try: Buffalo Chicken
If you like herbs try: Herbed Chicken

Chicken Fajitas Recipe

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Marinating: Chicken Fajitas

A marinade of dark Mexican beer (like Negra Modelo), soy sauce, and fresh lime juice gives these Chicken Fajitas a fresh kick of flavor. Serve with flour tortillas, sauteed peppers and onions, and sliced jalapeño pepper.

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Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

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Marinating: Hawaiian Chicken

With only 15 minutes of total hands-on time, this recipe provides full flavor without much fuss. The pineapple juice, ketchup, soy sauce, and ginger mixture acts double duty as both a marinade and baste for the chicken.

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Sautéed Chicken with Sage Browned Butter Recipe

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Pounding: Sautéed Chicken with Sage Browned Butter

Thin cutlets cook in a flash and remain supremely tender and juicy. After cooking the chicken, use the tasty browned bits left behind in the pan as the base for a speedy sauce.

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If you like Dijon mustard try: Chicken Cutlets with Creamy Dijon Sauce
If you like soy sauce try: Sweet and Sour Chicken
If you like cherry tomatoes try: Chicken and Cherry Tomato Sauce

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Recipe

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Pounding: Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

A simple pan sauce of presliced mushrooms, dry white wine, shallots, and fresh thyme enlivens your basic chicken breasts. Serve atop mashed potatoes to complete the meal.

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Pimiento Cheese Chicken Recipe

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Stuffing: Pimiento Cheese Chicken

The impressive-looking results of stuffed chicken breasts belie the ease of preparation. You can stuff them up to a day ahead, keep refrigerated, and then simply cook and serve.

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If you like blue cheese try: Spinach and Blue Cheese Chicken
If you like bacon try: Bacon and Goat Cheese Chicken
If you like olives try: Mediterranean Chicken

Couscous-Stuffed Chicken Recipe

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Stuffing: Couscous-Stuffed Chicken

A mixture of couscous, feta cheese, kalamata olives, fresh herbs, and minced garlic stuffed into chicken breasts makes for an easy 45-minute entrée fit for a special occasion. Serve with fresh sauteed green beans.

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Coconut Chicken Fingers Recipe

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Pan Frying: Coconut Chicken Fingers

Dip chicken in buttermilk to add a tangy flavor, and coat it with flour and nuts or other tasty breading ingredients. Then pan-fry it in a sensible amount of heart-healthy oil to create a crisp exterior.

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If you like pecans try: Pecan Chicken
If you like oatmeal try: Oatmeal-Crusted Chicken

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Recipe

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Pan Frying: Crispy Buttermilk Chicken

Marinating chicken breasts for four hours in a classic combination of buttermilk, egg, onion powder, and a hint of red pepper yields tender, flavorful results. We sauté the chicken just before baking to give it a perfectly crispy crust.

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Chicken Larb Recipe

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Grinding: Chicken Larb

Combine skinless, boneless chicken breast halves in the food processor with pungent ingredients like garlic, spicy peppers, or curry paste. Puree them together so the flavor permeates the meat.

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If you like jalapeño peppers, try: Chicken Tacos
If you like ketchup, try: Chicken Meat Loaf

Greek-Style Chicken Recipe

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Grinding: Greek-Style Chicken

Pair Greek chicken patties with a creamy Tzatziki-style sauce and serve with sliced tomatoes, lettuce leaves, and sliced feta cheese for a quick weeknight-friendly meal.

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Chicken Burgers Recipe

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Grinding: Chicken Burgers

Give beef a rest and try chicken for burgers instead. Simply combine chicken breasts, capers, shallots, salt, and pepper in a food processor, shape into patties, and cook in a grill pan.

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