Store-Bought Dinner Shortcuts

Be brilliant in much less time: delicious dishes that have at their heart a work-done-for-you supermarket ingredient.

Store-Bought Shortcut Meals

Healthy Shortcut Dinners

Speed up the cooking with versatile, healthy supermarket convenience foods that help you turn out vibrant, healthy main dishes. The prep time for each of our featured shortcut recipes is slashed to about 20 minutes. We guarantee that these helpful tips and products will help you turn out a delicious, made-with-care meal in no time.

Shortcut Pizza: Refrigerated Fresh Pizza Dough

Shortcut Pizza: Refrigerated Fresh Pizza Dough

Store-bought dough yields pizzeria quality. Ask for it in the bakery of your supermarket, or check specialty retailers like Trader Joe's. In a pinch, buy dough in tubes from the refrigerated section of the grocery store (it's higher in sodium than fresh dough). Just bring the dough to room temperature while the oven preheats.

View Recipe: Roasted Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza

5 More Ways to Use Pizza Dough

5 More Ways With Pizza Dough

1| Brush with olive oil and top with cheese and herbs to make flavorful flatbreads. 

2| Cut into small portions, roll small circles, bake and top with salad or meats for piadines.

3| Make great calzones with dough, pasta sauce, cheese, wilted spinach, and cooked, crumbled sausage.

4| Roll into a rectangle, brush with butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for roll-ups. Cut crosswise and bake.

5| Cut into strips and make garlicky cheese sticks.

Shortcut Stir-Fry: Washed & Bagged Baby Spinach

Shortcut Stir-Fry: Washed & Bagged Baby Spinach

Rinsing, drying, stemming, and chopping supermarket spinach is a messy time-eater. Ready-to-use baby spinach from the bag cuts out that whole process. Inspect in the store to make sure it's in prime condition—no black spots, no wilting.

View Recipe: Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef and Spinach  

5 More Ways to Use Bagged Spinach

5 More Ways With Bagged Spinach

1| Stir into scrambled eggs or omelets during the last minute of cooking.

2| Up your veggie intake by adding chopped or whole leaves to rice or pasta. 

3| Toss with olive oil, thinly sliced shallots, and crumbled bacon. Put on a pizza after it's baked.

4| Stir into soups just before serving for a boost of garden flavor.

5| Sauté spinach and garlic until wilted and use it to fill savory tarts.

Shortcut Turnover: Refrigerated Pie Dough

Shortcut Turnover: Refrigerated Pie Dough

The nutritional difference between refrigerated pie dough and one made from scratch is actually quite small, so on a weeknight, this is a shortcut that's worth the trade-off. Pillsbury is our favorite brand.

View Recipe: Savory Sausage, Spinach, and Onion Turnovers  

5 More Ways to Use Pie Dough

5 More Ways With Pie Dough

1| Roll dough into an 11-inch circle; fill with sautéed veggies. Fold dough toward center. Bake a savory galette.

2| Use dough to top individual or casserole-style potpies. 

3| Divide dough; roll into small circles. Fill with cooked meat, beans, cheese. Fold, crimp, bake; empanadas. 

4| Bake in mini muffin cups, and fill with crab or shrimp salad for appetizers. 

5| Wrap seasoned chicken or fish, and bake for an en croûte entrée. 

Shortcut Chicken Salad: Rotisserie Chicken

Shortcut Chicken Salad: Rotisserie Chicken

When you purchase a rotisserie chicken, look for a just-done bird. Most stores follow a schedule, and packages are marked with the time the chickens came off the spit. Stick with the original, unflavored version, as it's the most versatile.

View Recipe: Thai Chicken Salad with Peanut Dressing

5 More Ways to Use Rotisserie Chicken

5 More Ways With Rotisserie Chicken

1| Combine with salsa and cheddar cheese for enchilada filling. 

2| Toss shredded chicken with favorite barbecue sauce. Add greens for a hearty salad. 

3| Make a classic béchamel sauce; stir in chicken and cheese, and fill crepes. 

4| Make a noodle bowl with coconut milk, broth, chicken, peanuts, chile paste, and lime wedges.

5| Sitr shredded or cubed white and dark meat into chili. 

Shortcut Entree Salad: Canned Chickpeas

Shortcut Entrée Salad: Canned Chickpeas

Use organic or no-salt-added beans to keep sodium levels in check.

View Recipe: Mediterranean Barley with Chickpeas

5 More Ways to Use Canned Chickpeas

5 More Ways With Canned Chickpeas

1| Sauté onions and garlic; add Indian simmer sauce and chickpeas for a quick curry. 

2| Use in your favorite baked beans recipe for a firmer texture—try all chickpeas or just half.

3| Toss rinsed and drained beans with canola oil and spices. Then toast them in the oven for a healthy snack. 

4| Puree with canola mayonnaise or Greek yogurt and lemon juice for a sandwich spread. 

5| Add to soups and stews for an al dente bite of earthy flavor.

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