A Kid in the Kitchen: Matisse Tackles an Asian Rice Bowl

Matisse receives rave reviews for this kid-friendly Asian dish.

Shrimp and Shiitake Rice Bowl

"Before you beat the egg, prick the yolk. This will make beating it a lot easier."

Photo: Johnny Autry

  • Matisse Reid

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"I love shrimp, so I was excited to make the Shrimp and Shiitake Rice Bowl. The recipe was very easy, and I cooked it for my best friend, Sam, who had never eaten shrimp before. If you don't have precooked rice, you can prepare the rice from scratch (like I did) while you're making the rest of the dish. I loved the egg—it added creaminess and complemented the sweetness of the oyster sauce. I could take or leave the shiitake mushrooms, though, so maybe next time I will just use button mushrooms. I loved how the oyster and soy sauces brought this dish together at the end of cooking, and the shrimp were juicy and yummy!"


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