Radish Growing Guide

Radishes are easy to grow and fast to sow. Some varieties are ready in less than a month, so they’re perfect for anyone whose attention span may not last long enough for slower-to-mature vegetables.

Peppery and Beautiful
Photo: Caleb Chancey

Peppery and Beautiful

In the chilly early months of 2012, we decided to get serious about going totally fresh and very local—and start a garden. We wanted to plant a lot of varieties, reflecting the explosion of interest across the country in rare and heirloom vegetables.

We sought out Mary Beth and David Shaddix, who have a picture-perfect kitchen garden and nursery, complete with hound and chickens, about 30 minutes from our Birmingham, Alabama, offices. On their counsel—they know what grows best through hot and humid summers, long springs, and occasional frosts—we selected a year's worth of seeds. By early spring, the first thrilling harvest arrived in our Test Kitchen for recipe development. We'll be showing the fruits (and vegetables) of our garden project labors. First up: peppery, beautiful, easy-to-grow radishes.

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