Before you select another pumpkin for your front porch display, consider cooking it instead: roast, bake, and stew up everything from savory salads and creamy soups to earthy desserts and more. Grated like a carrot, it can be added to cake and muffin batters. Puréed, it's famous in pie. Sliced or diced, pumpkin is delicious roasted and eaten on its own, baked into casseroles, or stewed for soups. Pumpkin is also a low-calorie superfood. It's high in potassium, fiber, and beta-carotene. But as good for you as pumpkin is, its mild, lightly sweet flavor is what leaves you delighted and satisfied. Taste autumn with these delicious pumpkin recipes. This seasonal squash is great in both savory and sweet dishes.

Cooking Light
October 02, 2009