August 26, 2009


Maelynn, managing editor: soybeans, Japanese eggplant, canteloupe

This week was a tough one for me. School started again (for both my son and me) so cookbooks have taken a back seat to textbooks. I did manage to enjoy my soybeans, Japanese eggplant, and cantaloupe.

For starters, I couldn't wait to do something with that beautiful eggplant. I pulled up a familiar recipe for

Mary Kay, editor in chief: cherry tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, basil

My parents were the first people I cooked for, and fixing dinner for them still makes me happy. My husband and I spent the past weekend at their 100-acre farm; I brought the tomatoes, peppers, basil and onions that were my share from the Cooking Light CSA to cook on Saturday evening.

It was a little like taking coals to Newcastle. My dad, who turned 85 last week, has an ambitious vegetable garden, and can pretty much outfit his own CSA. He had some beautiful sweet yellow corn. So I made a tasty local-caught catfish variation of

Susan, assistant copy chief: okra, squash, green beans

This was a very good week for me, even though I think it was the one I was most nervous about. I was not excited about receiving okra, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. I had read that cooking okra gives it the gelatinous texture I don’t like, so I avoided that and tried our

What a revelation! I bit into my first pod like a child being forced to eat a vegetable in front of company, but it didn’t take long to realize that this was not the slimy okra I feared. It was actually very crisp and quite delicious.

I had no idea what to do with my pattypan squash, but I wanted it to be special because it was so cute. A quick search of found

picture of a single serving of the lasagna that would look like the April 2001 cover, but I am nowhere near coordinated enough to pull that off.

I kept it simple with the beans, using our recipe for a

Tiffany, assistant test kitchens director: tomatoes, eggs, cranberry beans (October beans), basil, canteloupe.

This week's delivery presented two big challenges that I think every CSA subscriber can relate to. First, I got something in the distribution that I don't eat: a cantaloupe. I could tell this one was perfection. I could smell it's sweet juiciness. I solved this problem by sharing. Yes, I gave that beautiful melon to a friend who loves them.

Second challenge, I received my bounty on Thursday and went out of town for the weekend. How could I use everything wisely when I wasn't even there? Sooner or later everyone goes away for the weekend, right? I got busy right away and made some of my best dishes yet.

I had gotten some speckled butter beans, fresh basil, several beautiful tomatoes and a dozen of the most wonderful, colorful eggs. I used Cooking Light's recipe for Tuscan White Beans as a jumping-off point. I used thick cut applewood smoked bacon (only 1 slice chopped), left out the rind, and finished my beans with some sherry vinegar. I used the basil to make CL's Classic Basil Pesto, and served it over the slices of tomato. Best part of all this, I could freeze the beans and pesto leftovers! The eggs, I hard boiled when I got back into town and served with some salt, Tabasco, and marinated olives. I was starving and these uniquely beautiful, fresh eggs were incredible.


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