August 12, 2009

If you haven't checked out the

Phillip, deputy editor: watermelon (1 small), cucumbers (4), green peppers (2) -- pinch-hitting for Mary Kay this week

My mom drove over from Georgia to spend the weekend with my partner and me at Smith Lake. (You might recognize her

Noon is never too early for a cocktail on a 95-degree Saturday.

The remaining cukes appeared in our dinner of

Tiffany, assistant test kitchens director: okra, soybeans, one gigantic portobello

Just this year I've begun to really like okra so seeing a bag of it in my CSA goodies was a real treat. In the past I found them rather slimy. Although that does something for gumbo, it never did much for me. My fiancee, however,has loved okra forever, and I credit Stanton's technique with my turnaround.

The secret to slimeless okra: Simply thread the okra on a skewer with cherry tomatoes and onion. While grilling for 4 minutes per side, brush the vegetables with a mixture of kosher salt, EVOO, sugar, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and water. We've cooked okra this way five times this summer, and each time it's fantastic. I was curious why this preparation is effective at curbing the slime, and I found a

Susan Roberts, assistant copy chief: corn, eggplants, eggs, onions

My enthusiasm for the CSA project was dampened slightly when I found a couple of big fat worms in my ears of corn. Horrors! But I soldiered on and made this recipe for

I have never prepared eggplant and haven’t really eaten it much, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these—make

grated lemon rind and 3 tablespoons lemon juice. (The recipe is in the cookbook

Maelynn, managing editor: heirloom tomatoes, green beans, yellow squash, potatoes

I love red potatoes. And from the moment I put them in my bag, I knew exactly their destiny. One of my favorite CL recipes is the microwaveable Rosemary Potatoes. I still remember reading the story “Microwave Virtues” (March 2001) and being very interested in trying the recipes. I was glad I did, as  several of them became household favorites. Potatoes are terrific in the microwave and this recipe has been a go-to side dish in my house ever since. Easy. fast. Yummy.

The big surprise this week was the Spicy Pickled Beans. I’d never pickled anything before so I was curious/hesitant to try this one. Turns out, it was super simple and DELICIOUS! I’m on a pickling kick now. Look out little cukes. You’re next.

I finished the week with Olive-Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and rounded out a dinner of grilled chicken and couscous with a Yellow Squash Casserole. Like last round, I felt nourished by my CSA take and I’m glad it’s been fostering my newfound sense of adventure.

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