August 05, 2009

This week's

Ann, senior food editor, mom of twins: corn, yellow squash, spaghetti squash

This week’s theme is QUICK. I’ve been crazy-crazy busy, so I stuck close to some tried-and-true recipes. Though I adore our

One of my stand-bys for yellow squash is

Jason, editorial assistant and culinary student: eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes

In an effort to eat more sustainably, I've been trying to cut back on meat consumption, especially when cooking at home. Except for bacon. I love bacon too much to give it up. With a dozen fresh, local eggs at my disposal, a frittata seemed an obvious choice for a vegetarian dinner (well, "vegetarian" in that bacon isn't the main ingredient).

Since the frittata calls for some egg whites, I had egg yolks left over. Waste not, want not; I whipped up a batch of

CJ, administrative coordinator: peaches, acorn squash, butternut squash, okra

For my second go at CSA cooking, I searched for a complete meal that I could proudly serve to friends.

Here's the menu I chose:

Cindy, associate editor, healthy living: eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, pole beans

It ain't pretty--it's my dinner.

I hope that old song won't mind if I spin its title to describe this week's foray into my share of the CSA box. After a long weekend of overindulgence at the lake with friends, I knew I needed a dish that was filling and nutritious for as few calories as possible. Enter Eggplant, Potato, and Chickpea Casserole.

I'm a sucker for any dish that contains the word "casserole," but this recipe appeared to lack the signature cheesy gooeyness that makes me proud to call the casserole my friend. I was skeptical--especially when I saw it emerge from the oven looking less than closeup-ready.

You know what? I didn't even miss the dairy factor (really!). I swapped the red or yellow bell pepper called for in the recipe for one of its more homey sisters, the green bell pepper from this week's CSA. I even learned a new trick: throwing freshly broiled peppers in a plastic bag so it's easier to remove the skins. It really works! I skipped the optional lemon, but I think it would've been a nice addition. The huge serving size--2 cups for 324 calories; yes, please!--means I'll have light and tasty leftovers for tomorrow's lunch (and dinner!). I'm going to try it wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. Maybe this wasn't the smartest dish to make in the August heat (that oven stays hot for a long time), but it has me looking forward to the comfy flavors of fall.

I was also planning to make Haricots Verts with Browned Garlic with the beans in my share, but decided to wait for tomorrow night when the hungry husband is back in town.

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