July 22, 2009

Week one of the

I roasted the green bell pepper(to mellow its flavor) and snuck it into the stack as well. I topped itoff with some nice sheep’s milk feta tossed with basil, and added a fewSun Gold cherry tomatoes from my garden. The veggies were nice andtender, the Romesco bold and powerful, and the tomatoes sweet andacidic. I was so proud of this one, I took it out back for a photoshoot! The hubs loved it. The kids, not so much (they don’t digRomesco).

 I was also lucky enough to bring home two pints of blackberries. I put one pint to excellent use in

On the other hand, I love corn. And my favorite way of preparing it is also the simplest; throw on the grill, husks and all, until the outer husks are mostly blackened. The corn ends up perfectly cooked and nice and hot. Unfortunately, I don't have a grill, and the neighbor whose grill I might have used was out. So I had to boil it. C'est la vie. I still used this recipe from our sister magazine Sunset that I've made many times and loved,

I’ll definitely make the tart again, swapping out the staringredients as the seasons change. I got a little hurried and nervousas it was time to pour the mixture into the dough-lined pan, so it lookslike there’s a corn convention hanging out on one side. But it managedto emerge from the oven as a filling, yet not too heavy, main dish. Plus, it easily and successfully translated into lunch the next day. Imade it pretty much true to the recipe, adding in most of achopped bell pepper from this week’s box so that it didn’t feel leftout. Also, I may or may not have slipped an extra piece of bacon inthere to reward my sous chef.

The baked couscous was less thrilling, but made a nice plate companion to thetart. I think I’d omit the oregano on the next go around and add a little more basil (I used Thai basil that was overflowing from mygarden). Despite my self-professed adoration of (almost) all things cheese, I’m notso excited about fontina. So instead of buying an $8 wedge, I swung bythe deli counter and procured a few slices for only $1 or so. Also, I threw in a real egg (instead of the egg substitute called for in therecipe) in order to use another CSA item. Since the squash was prettysubtle, this would be a great dish to sneak veggies to unsuspectingyoungsters. Or husbands. Speaking of husbands, mine enjoyed the rest ofthe Easter-colored eggs (almost too pretty to eat) and bacon for Sundaybrunch. Hope there’s a bottle of Champagne in my next box so that wecan more easily justify those mimosas.

CJ, administrative coordinator: bell peppers, cucumbers, watermelon

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