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Find juicy, grilled burgers that are also good for you: not only beef, but salmon, lamb, and turkey, too.

Blue Cheese-Stuffed Burgers Recipes

Blue Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

A traditional hamburger patty gets a makeover when you add onion, breadcrumbs, and egg white to the meat. Using English muffins, which are usually smaller than buns, allows the blue cheese and the meat to dominate the flavors in this recipe. Try stuffing these burgers with shredded Cheddar or Swiss cheese if you don't like blue cheese.

Stuffing burgers is easy. Divide the beef mixture into 8 equal portions; shape each into a ½-inch-thick patty. Spoon the cheese or other ingredient of choice into the center of 4 patties, and top with the remaining patties. Press or pinch the edges together to seal. Make sure the edges are sealed tightly so the cheese doesn't leak out during the cooking process. Stuffing burgers ensures an equal amount of cheesy flavor in every bite.

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