Jennifer Causey

Sometimes, you just need a great sauce to make dinner more exciting—to turn that plain chicken breast into something that feels more like an actual dish. Here, we share speedy, easy sauces to help you gussy up your protein. They’re geared to go with everything from seared salmon, to roasted pork tenderloin, or even rotisserie chicken.

Hannah Klinger and Ann Taylor Pittman
November 21, 2017

For the heartier braises and roasts of winter, there’s gravy and a creamy horseradish dollop. And for fresher touches, we look to seasonal citrus, pomegranate, and pears to lighten things up.

Maple-Bacon-Tarragon Dressing

To avoid splatters, remove the pan from the heat first, then carefully add the liquid. You can sub fresh rosemary or thyme for the tarragon. Spoon this sauce over simply baked chicken breasts for an impressive main.

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Jennifer Causey



Horseradish-Dill Sour Cream Sauce

While too pungent to eat on its own, prepared horseradish sings in a rich sour cream sauce. It's also tasty stirred into a cheese sauce or a creamy coleslaw. Dollop the sauce over seared steak or salmon, or serve with roasted potato wedges.

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Jennifer Causey

Peppered Gravy

This quick, easy gravy delivers rich flavor without any needs for pan drippings. Cooking the flour (before adding the stock) adds a slight toasty note. Serve the sauce over roast chicken or pork, or use it to perk up leftover turkey or a store-bought rotisserie chicken.

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Jennifer Causey

Citrus-Cilantro Salsa

We section all the citrus, including a lime, and chop the flesh for juicy bits that burst with freshness. Serve the salsa over seared salmon, halibut, or shrimp, or tuck into fish or shrimp tacos for a next-level dinner.

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Jennifer Causey