Desserts for Two

Finish off your meal with a sweet treat made for a pair.

Dinner for two, whether for romance or just you and your 8-year-old, is easy: two marinated chicken breasts, two servings of a fresh veggie, maybe a small salad each, and you're set. Even if the meal for you and your companion comes from a recipe intended for eight, no biggie: Downsizing is fairly easy.

Not so with dessert. A favorite souffle originally intended for eight or 10 looks a lot less compelling the third or fourth night it's served. And the same simple method you use to downscale entree recipes might be a chemistry experiment waiting to fail in a dessert, where the measurements are extra-precise.

The best bet is to plan for two from the start, and that's what we've done here with four recipes perfect for you and anyone else you think is worth it. There is the chance that you'll attract a larger crowd with desserts this delicious. But the math here is easy: Just double for four. And so on.

Desserts For Two