April 29, 2016

While tacos may be the main focus of Cinco de Mayo parties, no one should forget what really matters: margaritas. Don't just stick with lime or strawberry—there's a world of flavors that blend well with tequila.

When it comes to choosing the tequila for your drinks, you have two great options:

- Silver tequila is a purer form that is distilled from blue agave plants. It is un-aged and additive free. Silver is a good go-to choice for mixed drinks.- Añejo tequila is aged in oak casks for 1 to 3 years and is a smooth sipping liquor that brings an extra depth to mixed cocktails.

Perfect for a brunch, this

The combination of herbs and other fresh ingredients makes our

Stirring mezcal, tequila's cousin, into our

The Caribbean attitude of this

Spice isn't just reserved for food this Cinco de Mayo. The Fresno chile in our

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