Wine and Beer Guide

Whether you are raising your glass for a toast, or pouring it into a stock pot, wine and beer are equally great for cooking and enjoying.

Food and Wine Pairings

Combining flavorful foods with different types of wine can be tricky, but if you can get it right, the results are delightful.

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Chocolate Cake Wine Pairing

Pairing Wine with Chocolate Cake

Dessert wines or dark-fruited reds are best with sweet, chocolate indulgences.


Which wines go best with fish and shellfish?

Pairing Wine with Seafood

Don’t drown out the delicate flavors of seafood with an overpowering red; we offer 4 different types of wine light enough to mesh well with delicious fish and shellfish.


Which wines go best with main-dish summer salads?

Pairing Wine with Salads

Summertime is great for fresh dinner salads and a cool glass of wine out on the patio. Learn how to pair these two items for a delicious, light meal.


Which wines are best with spring foods?

Pairing Wine with Spring Foods

When spring rolls around, the weather is perfect and it's time for a dinner party. Pair these wines with these 4 spring classics.


Chili Beer Pairing

What to Drink with Classic Chili

These two drink options pair perfectly with a hearty, bean-filled chili.


Which wines go best with favorite soups and stews?

Pairing Wine with Soups and Stews

Depending on broth, ingredients, and spices, soups can vary just as much as wine. Find the best matches for these 4 common soups.


Which wines go best with these Chinese dishes?

Pairing Wine with Chinese Dishes

With all of the sweet and spicy complexity of Chinese food, it’s hard to know what wine is best for pairing. The expert weighs in for these 4 common dishes.


Prosciutto-Mozza Pizza

What to Drink with a Meaty Pizza

These two drink options pair perfectly with a meaty, flavorful pie.


Which wines go best with grilled foods?

Pairing Wine with Grilled Foods

There’s nothing like the smoky infusion that the grill gives to our favorite meat, poultry, and fish. Match wisely to accentuate this flavor.


Wine glass with pepper photo

Wine Pairings for Spicy Foods

Looking for something refreshing to help cool the flames?


Wine & Beer Matchmaker: Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice Recipe

10-Minute Wine & Beer Pairing: Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice

What to pair with smoky-spicy chicken breast and dirty rice?


Pork Chops with Caribbean Rub and Mango Salsa Recipe

10-Minute Wine Pairing: Pork Chops with Caribbean Rub and Mango Salsa

Two approaches for a smoky-spicy pork entrée show that very different wines can yield perfect matches.


Match #1: A Smooth and Juicy Red

Thanksgiving Wine & Beer Matchmaker

What should you pair with an herby holiday bird?


The Best Wine for Seared Scallops and Herb Butter Sauce Recipe

10-Minute Wine Pairing: Seared Scallops and Herb Butter Sauce

This month's matchmaking finds three wine strategies for seared scallops and buttery herb sauce.


The Best Wine for Sweet Potato Chicken Curry

10-Minute Wine Pairing: Sweet Potato Chicken Curry

Find three wine strategies for a saucy and sweet chicken curry recipe.


Starmont Chardonnay, Longoria Tempranillo, Alma Rosa Pinot Noir

Pairing Wines and Pasta

Find our favorite bottles for 4 pasta classics.


Which Wines Go Best with Mushroom Pastas?

Pairing Wine with a Creamy Mushroom Pasta

We chose three types of wine that will go perfectly with a savory mushroom pasta dish.


Delicate Wine Pairings for Roast Chicken

What Wines to Pair with Roast Chicken

We have three wine strategies that pair perfectly with roast chicken.


Crisp and Floral Wine and Beer Pairings for Pasta Primavera

What to Drink with Pasta Primavera

We have three drink strategies that pair perfectly with pasta primavera.


Wine with Caesar Salad

Which Wines Go Well with Chicken Caesar Salad

We have two drink strategies that pair perfectly with chicken Caesar salad.

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