Taco Party Menu

A simple plan for some grown-up fun: 2 tacos, 2 toppings, and a fab margarita = one great party.

Taco Party Get-Ahead Plan
Photo: Levi Brown

Get-Ahead Plan

Well Ahead:
Shop for nonperishable items, and order specialty products.

2 Days Before:
Prepare and assemble black beans, omitting green onions.
Make Pineapple-Avocado Salsa, omitting avocado.

1 Day Before:
Prepare margaritas.
Cut lime wedges for margaritas.
Chop green onions for beans.
Marinate flank steak.
Prepare chimichurri (do not add fish).
Slice cabbage, radish, and green onions for slaw.

2 Hours Before:
Coat the rims of margarita glasses.
Marinate fish.
Add juice and oil to slaw; toss.

Just Before Guests Arrive:
Bake black beans.
Grill beef; let stand at room temperature (unsliced) until ready to serve.

When You're Ready to Serve: 
Grill fish; break into chunks.
Garnish beans.
Warm tortillas.
Slice steak.
Stir mint, salt, and pepper into slaw.
Chop avocado; stir into salsa.

Set out the fixings and let the guests make their own creative combos. 

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