Perfect Thanksgiving Pies

Everyone saves room for pie, and it's usually the same pie every year, so we took the classics and jazzed them up without reimagining them in any way that would alarm traditionalists at the table.

Thanksgiving Pies

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5 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

"Shouldn't say this, but it's better than Aunt Mae's."

Touched with maple and a little bourbon, our pecan pie will wow the pecanophiles. Unless, of course, they're the pumpkin-or-nothing types. Either way, bake a ringer, too: maybe something completely different. Quince, anyone?

Maple-Bourbon Pecan Pie Recipe

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Maple-Bourbon Pecan Pie

Maple syrup and bourbon infuse the pie with distinctive sweetness. For a decadent treat, top warm pie with low-fat vanilla ice cream.

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Cranberry-Apple Pie Recipe

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Cranberry-Apple Pie

This juicy double-crusted beauty combines two favorite fall season flavors. We suggest using Grade B maple syrup in the pie filling because it is less refined and has stronger maple taste, though grade A will work just fine in this recipe.

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Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Toasted Coconut Recipe

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Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Toasted Coconut

Ginger and coconut add warm, flavorful accents to this Thanksgiving classic. If you'd like a dollop of something creamy, top with fat-free whipped topping.

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French Apple Tart Recipe

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French Apple Tart

The free-form apple tart is mighty easy because it works from a store-bought crust—yet it's just spectacular, and so evocative of the season.

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Quince Tart with Pine Nut Caramel Glaze Recipe

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Quince Tart with Pine Nut Caramel Glaze

For that elegant dinner, consider a pine nut-studded quince tart—an exotic Old World sweet to give thanks for. Quince is a hard fall fruit with sweet-tangy flavor. You'll find quince paste in specialty stores and most supermarkets.

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