A Beautiful Feast for Spring

Celebrate the season with Allison Fishman's menu featuring holiday meal traditions for both Passover and Easter.

Allison Fishman's Spring Menu
Photo: Nina Choi

A Celebration of Traditions

I was born with with lifelong passports to the joys of both Easter and Passover tables: holiday dual citizenship. My mother was raised Protestant and converted to Judaism after college. I was raised Jewish, attended Hebrew school three days a week, had a bat mitzvah, and continue to practice Jewish traditions today. My extended family was Protestant, however, and we celebrated holidays together, so I was blessed to enjoy the culinary traditions of Christmas and Easter. (Read More: A Celebration of Easter and Passover Traditions).

On these slides is a feast I developed, deriving from both traditions—a mashup. There were some challenges (I wanted a grand dessert but could use no leavening), but the first work was easy: I said buh-bye to pork and separated milk from meat (combining the two is a violation of kosher rules). Although there is dairy in the salad that comes at the beginning of the meal (before any meat is served), the entrée, sides, and desserts are completely dairy-free.

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