Father's Day Breakfast

Wake Dad up with one of these imaginative morning meals.
Recipes by Matt Miller

Many of us make a big to-do over Mother's Day, and rightly so. But when Father's Day rolls around, dear old Dad is lucky if someone throws a steak on the grill.

This year, start a new tradition of spoiling your father with a special breakfast. These recipes from Matt Miller, owner of Orange, a restaurant in Chicago, will provide plenty of inspiration. He knows a thing or two about creative morning meals-Orange is open for breakfast and lunch only, serving what Miller calls "contemporary brunch."

What's more, these dishes are sophisticated enough to please grown-up palates yet have a touch of whimsy to intrigue kids. Inspired by a Dr. Seuss tale parents have read to children for two generations, Miller's Green Eggs and Ham gets its verdant hue from fresh basil, plus a dose of flavor from garlic and pancetta. Sam I Am's friend would happily dig into this version.

Many of these recipes can be started-or made entirely-the night before. And they're kid-friendly. Small hands can dunk slices of French bread in egg and milk for the Coconut French Toast with Grilled Pineapple and Tropical Salsa, assemble the Coconut Frushi (Miller's breakfast version of sushi made with fruit), and drop fruit into the blender to whip up a refreshing morning drink.

These recipes will inspire you to set a breakfast tray, pile on a few of these dishes, and kick Dad's day off to a tasty start.