Packaging Homemade Treats

Edible gifts are simple to make and always welcome.

Kumquats in Spiced Syrup with Cloves, Cinnamon, and Star Anise

Gifts from the Kitchen

There is nothing nicer to give―or receive―than a homemade gift of food. It's unmistakably personal, since it's the result of your time and talent. Browse our photo gallery for packaging and recipe ideas for this holiday season.

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Yogurt Cheese Torte

Gift Containers

Use a variety of containers. Decorative bottles, cans with plastic lids, and beautiful boxes can all be used to package gifts. Basic canning jars for preserves are available at supermarkets and hardware stores. Antiques stores, flea markets, and yard sales are great sources of one-of-a-kind containers.

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Tie it Up

Collect bits of fabric, ribbons, and raffia to add a festive touch.

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Vanilla Bean Pancakes

Label It

For a simple jar of jam, make sure the jar is colorfully labeled and wears a charming cap. Self-adhesive labels, available at office and hobby stores, are ideal. Also, include the recipe (in case recipients want to make it).

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Mini Fruit and Sunflower Loaves

Add an Extra-Special Touch

Homemade goodies lend themselves to complementary gifts. For example, present a cake on an attractive cake stand, or tuck bread into a pretty bread box. If you're giving an item as a hostess gift, package it with a nice dish so it can be served right away.

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Sugared Cranberries

Wrap it Up

Wrap items properly. Baked goods should be tightly covered in plastic wrap and then put in decorative packaging, such as colorful wax paper, cellophane, or tissue paper. If you're sending items by mail, make your packages sturdy. Wrap glass containers in a layer of bubble wrap; ensure the lid has a tight seal to prevent leaks.

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White Chocolate-Cashew Coffee Biscotti

Homemade Enjoyment

Preparing and packaging homemade treats is a wonderful way to spoil those you care for, but there’s something in it for you, too: While others struggle with long lists in overcrowded stores or last-minute, late-night e-shopping, you can enjoy the warmth and friendliness of your own kitchen while you prepare presents you know will please.

View Recipe: White Chocolate-Cashew Coffee Biscotti

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