Mother's Day Brunch

Whether you're honoring Mom or seeking respite from a hectic week, plot a lazy weekend getaway―at your place.
Recipes by Jack Bishop

Often it seems that life is flying by. Weekdays start early and end late; every minute in between falls somewhere between hustle and bustle. While we may not be able to slow the pace during the workweek, we can find respite in a weekend brunch. A leisurely, casual meal with family and friends on Saturday or Sunday can calm the savaged psyche.

Though much of its appeal lies in its definition, there are other reasons to love brunch. You can tackle a good bit of the preparation beforehand (putting together a layered bread-egg dish like a strata certainly isn't hard duty the night before).

Brunch is the meal that most easily mingles family and friends―there's room at the table for all ages. It's also the easiest of all meals at which to entertain: neither too early, nor too late. If you're honoring Mom this Mother's Day, brunch is a great way to do it.

Your menu is flexible―to cover the basics, you'll need only something savory, a bit of fruit, and something to drink. To cover the savory, try our garlicky spinach, tomato, and Swiss cheese strata, or burritos with scrambled tofu. For fruit, try Sliced Mangoes with Crystallized Ginger. Quench your thirst with a refreshing Raspberry-Orange Sunrise (pictured).