Easter Buffet Menu

From appetizer to dessert, this menu celebrates the first hints of spring.
Kathryn McNulty

This menu features traditional recipes inspired by world cuisines from Ireland to Spain, and several dishes highlight spring flavors. Fresh herbs add definition to classic dishes, and our shopping list and prep plan will help you do much of the work ahead of time so you can welcome guests with ease.

This menu offers a choice of entrée (Garlic-Studded Rosemary Roast Rack of Lamb or Brown Sugar and Spice-Crusted Ham) as well as two dessert selections (the kid-friendly Easter Egg Cookies or the sophisticated Ginger Angel Food Cake with Coconut Frosting). Complete the meal with coffee or tea, and you'll have a spring feast to remember.

Quick Tip: Everyone can play a role in assembling this family feast. Recruit young helpers to decorate Easter Egg Cookies or assist in frosting the Ginger Angel Food Cake. Entice Dad, with a glass of White Sangria, to carve the roast.


Up to 2 days ahead:
• Bake and decorate Easter Egg Cookies; store in an airtight container. (Or bake the cookies ahead and let the kids decorate them on the big day.)

Up to 1 day ahead:
• Prepare White Sangria through step one; refrigerate.
• Make syrup and cut up fruit for Basil-Lime Fruit Salad; refrigerate separately.
• Bake Ginger Angel Food Cake with Coconut Frosting.

The night before:
• Marinate Garlic-Studded Rosemary Roast Rack of Lamb.
• Prepare Smoked Salmon Dip, and refrigerate.

2 hours ahead:
• Put Brown Sugar and Spice-Crusted Ham in the oven.

30 minutes ahead:
• Place Garlic-­Studded Rosemary Roast Rack of Lamb in the oven.
• Toss the fruit and syrup for Basil-Lime Fruit Salad.

As guests arrive:
• Add sparkling water to White Sangria.
• Set out Smoked Salmon Dip and crackers.

(See page 2 for our shopping list.)