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Beer, Cocktails, and Spirits

  • Beer 101

    Types of Beer

    Whether you prefer a smooth stout, hoppy pale ale, or a citrusy pilsner, this brew knowledge can help you navigate the growing beer world. By: Michelle Klug

  • Sparkling Sangria

    35 Top-Rated Cocktails

    These cocktails received rave reviews for their refreshing and delicious taste.

  • 50 Craft Beers

    Best Craft Beer

    Since the craft beer revolution started, microbrewers have been producing beers with tremendous flavor and diversity. These 50 are tasty, highly-rated, and definitely worth a try. By: Michelle Klug

  • For wine with a wonderful aroma, take a whiff of Jekel Riesling 2002.

    Decoding Winespeak

    Understanding common wine terms can help you remember which wines you like best.

  • Oops Mismatch

    Red Wines 101

    When you learn the different qualities of varietals, buying wine and pairing it with food is a cinch.

  • Wine Pairings for Quick Pizza Margherita

    Everyday Wine Pairings

    A great wine pairing doesn't require a special occasion. Find picks for 10 of your favorite Cooking Light dinner recipes.

  • Well-Stocked Bar

    Classic Cocktails

    Here's what you should have on-hand to mix three classic cocktails.

  • Bitters Brands

    Cocktail Bitters

    These trendy drinks are not for the lite-beer hearted.

  • Build your white wine IQ.

    White Wines 101

    From chardonnay to pinot grigio, what you need to know about popular white wines and how to pair them with food

  • Wine & Beer Matchmaker: Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice Recipe

    10-Minute Wine & Beer Pairing: Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice

    What to pair with smoky-spicy chicken breast and dirty rice?

  • Red Wine Bottle and Glass wth Cork (Peachy Canyon)

    Cooking with Wine

    How to find wines that work great in recipes and in your glass.


  • Seared Scallops Wine: Oops! Mismatch

    Wine and Beer Guide

    Whether you are raising your glass for a toast, or pouring it into a stock pot, wine and beer are equally great for cooking and enjoying.