Take Two: Frozen Coffee Drink vs. Ice Cream

If you're seeking a cool treat, a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream has the edge over a frozen coffee drink.
By Maria Condo

Here's the scoop: A half-cup serving of ice cream has 65 fewer calories than a typical medium-sized, frozen coffee drink made with whole milk. It also has more fat but less sodium and less than half the sugar. (Coffee drinks that have additional flavorings, like vanilla, are even sweeter and saltier.) With either pick, you'll have a good dose of calcium―about 10 percent of your recommended daily allowance.

If ice cream's fat content gives you cold feet, choose a light version; the fat tally drops to four grams and the calories to 125. If the coffee drink is your preferred choice, try it with skim milk to knock off 30 calories and all the fat.

Frozen Coffee Drink
(16 ounces, or one serving)
210 calories
4 grams fat
80 milligrams sodium
40 grams sugar
100 milligrams calcium
Vanilla Ice Cream
(1/2 cup, or one serving)
145 calories
8 grams fat
58 milligrams sodium
15 grams sugar
92 milligrams calcium